Why volunteer with us?

Put into practice skills such as teamwork and project management

Give workshops in subjects that you master. Lose your fear of public speaking

Build your portfolio. We will help you gain visibility by showing your work in events and social networks

Include us in your resume. Volunteering is something that is increasingly valued in recruitment processes

Are you ready?

Tell us what you are good at
and what you would like to
collaborate on.

How can I credit my volunteering?

If you want to credit your volunteering, we will publish a post on social networks or an entry in our blog explaining your contribution. These contents will be public and you will be able to reference them whenever you need to.

The Europe on Track 8 project helped me to develop the skills needed to work with an international remote team and to put into practice my knowledge in social media and digital marketing.
Vanesa Martínez
Digital Marketing Manager

How can I help?


Video editing

Graphic design

Social media

Any ideas?
Would you like to propose something?


Social networks

Social by nature

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